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Market Timing

Expert analysis of market levels and patterns to increase profitability by timing when to enter and exit positions with confidence and consistency

Technical Signals

The markets move on technical setups.  We monitor and analyze various sector charts to determine when an index or stock is ready to break out or down.

Entry & Exit Levels

Providing the levels for each equity that will trigger a buy signal for entry or sell signal for exit.

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Global Macro Technical Thoughts (GMTT) has been providing market timing advice across the global macro technical spectrum of stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies for over a decade

Our clients – brokers, hedge funds, family offices, traders and financial institutions located around the world – appreciate the articulation, thoughts, and trade location provided in the three times a week newsletter

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Love the straight-forward approach and find the info really useful


Greatly appreciative of the subscription – it is proving tremendously valuable


Particularly enjoy the short-term focus as I am mostly trading stock-index options.


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